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Summer Programs

High school is a great time to participate in a summer experience that helps you to explore new skills, find new friends, and enjoy new places. Whether you want to volunteer for a cause or organization in which you believe, become acquainted with the responsibilities of having a job or internship in a field of interest, attend a pre-college program on a university campus, immerse yourself in another culture, work on improving your craft at a sports or art camp, or acquire leadership or entrepreneurship acumen, summer programs addressing all of these areas exist and more.

  • Practice your college-readiness by attending a class and living on a college campus

  • Participate in meaningful research

  • Volunteer or help provide worthwhile outreach

  • Become an entrepreneur; start your own business

  • Shadow a professional

  • Perfect your plie, aperture, or soliloquy

  • Learn French in Falaise

The options are endless

At College&Prep we help students and families isolate programs that dovetail with students’ interests and aspirations.  We want students to participate in experiences and environments where they will flourish and discover new insights into themselves and their ambitions. Summer activities are also an instrumental part of the college admissions process and can help you stand out from other applicants. 

Finding the perfect summer adventure:

  • We will meet with student and family to determine and discuss areas of interest and the types of programs available.

  • Once this is identified, a comprehensive list of evaluated programs with descriptions, dates and links for further exploration will be provided to student and family.

  • Discussions will continue as student explores the options and the list will be amended appropriately.

  • For programs requiring applications or interviews, students will receive assistance with all aspects of the application including selecting recommenders and writing supplements.  Student will also receive interview preparation and help emailing and contacting contacts.