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Specialized Programs & Dual Degree Application

Dual degree programs– also known as a joint degree or double degree programs create an incredible opportunity to make the most of your college experience.  For ambitious students, starting a dual degree program at the undergraduate level can help give your career aspirations an impressive advantage. These programs are highly specific and will differ from one university to the next. Dual degree programs come in many forms.  

  • One way to  follow this path is to earn two distinctive undergraduate degrees; students pursuing this have the opportunity to seek an integrated curriculum jointly offered by two schools or fields of study within the college or university incorporating interdisciplinary course work. Unlike double majoring, at graduation, students receive two degrees.  

  • Dual degrees can also represent pursuing an undergraduate and Masters degree combined program. These degree programs allow accomplished undergraduates to complete both a Bachelor's and Master's within a shorter amount of time than it would take to complete separate Bachelor's and Master's programs.

  • Unique dual degree options such as BSMD programs, combined MBA programs, BA or BS / PhD,  BA/JD and similar programs that combine architecture and accounting and other fields also exist.  Again, these alternatives are individualized to each college or university.  Given the impressive nature of these programs, admission criteria are very stringent and acceptance is highly competitive, achieved by a select few.

When application to these inspiring degree paths are available to high schools seniors, often a separate application is required.  College and Prep has visited these schools and spoken with program administrators and committee members. We can help you identify whether or not a program is right for you and then support your admission process at every turn: interview prep, specialized resume creation, recommendation selection, artifact curation, and essay and supplement drafting, revising and editing.

Specialized Programs/Schools

Many colleges and universities offer special programs - distinctive to that college or university.  For some, you may earn two degrees upon graduation; for others one, but these distinguished programs have limited enrollment, small classes,  and offer a uniquely interdisciplinary curricula, utilizing hands-on learning, immersion in authentic experiences, critical thinking, problem solving, travel and much more.  Graduates from these esteemed programs have mastered a revolutionary skill-set and mindset that sets them apart from their peers. College and Prep specialists can help you identify these extraordinary options and advise about fit with your profile and aspirations. Furthermore, our familiarity with these opportunities and the requisite admissions process, ensures that we will experly mentor every component of your application.