Specialized College Placement

For students who have had difficulty in high school, either academic or emotional, there are a host of options available to make college a reality. These students are no longer limited to the local community college (though that can be a very good option). There are two- and four-year residential schools catering to students with learning issues. These schools provide extra support for the students who may struggle with ADD, dyslexia, and specific learning disabilities. Some schools offer limited services while others offer comprehensive programs which function like a small learning community. We will recommend programs that are right for your child to maximize their potential.

In addition, there are students who have struggled throughout high school with emotional issues. Many of these students have left their home high school and been placed at either therapeutic day schools or residential facilities. These students need special advising about how to handle the school interruption, how to explain the lack of continuity in their education, and how much to reveal. We work with students to turn their experiences into positives, to highlight the fact that they have valuable assets to offer, and are prepared for the academic and residential experience of college. There are certain schools more open than others to giving non-traditional students a chance. We visit these schools and meet with admissions professionals to discuss whether their school might be a good option for a student from this type of background.