Graduate School

Applying to graduate school is a significant and important step.  It generally indicates that you have found an area or a passion that you wish to pursue in depth and acquire a level of expertise that sets you apart from others in the field.  Like any admissions process, it begins with having a clear and definitive understanding of your goals and what you hope to achieve. Graduate programs can be very specific, offering one-of-a-kind learning experiences seemingly tailor-made to your aspirations.  That is why creating a list of schools definitively aligned with your goals is key to the process. Applications require all the requisite components of the applications you submitted when applying to college, along with new standardized testing and specific written components that differ from the first time around.

At C&P our objective is to help you isolate those schools/programs that mesh directly with your academic ambitions and then to organize and help you coordinate all other aspects of this very particular admissions process.  From refining the perfect list of schools to interview prep and essays, we will advise at every step. Our understanding of your intentions combined with our expertise, knowledge of these specific admissions protocols, great familiarity with the schools and programs, will all help make the process exciting and tractable.