Gap Year Paris

Gap Year Programs

When it comes to choosing a gap year program, the options are endless: you can choose a pre-existing program, combine multiple short-term programs, or create your own custom experience.

The best gap year program is the one that’s bespoke for you. In other words, what might be the best for someone else might not align with your interests. During your gap year experience, you want the chance to grow and thrive, learn new skills, meet new people and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and time in your life.

When it comes to choosing the best gap year program for you, you need to consider your goals. Are you looking for work experience that will expose you to a career of interest? Do you want a culturally immersive experience to provide a service such as teaching a language or skill abroad? Are you interested in providing valuable outreach or participating in influential research? Your amitions will help you to determine the best way to spend your gap year.

Key to the process is isolating the perfect match between your aspirations and passions and the many opprtunities to explore them that await.