Day & Boarding Placement

Like most of life, education is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Public school is not for everyone and often trying to tailor a curiculum to your family’s long-term goals can be challenging, if not impossible.

College and Prep specializes in identifying a school that will provide the best fit for your child’s personality, learning style, extraciricular activities and aspirations. This comes from copious time building relationships with day and boarding schools all across the US.

We visit hundreds of schools and get to know what a day-in-the-life of a student looks like. A school web search or “You heard from a friend” can not replace an in-person visit.

  • How rigerous are the academics?

  • What does the dorm look like?

  • How are the classrooms kept and what resources do they have?

  • What is the vibe on campus?

  • What are the dining options?

  • What are the Athletic facilities like?

  • How available are the teachers outside of class?

  • Is there a Learning Center or Academic Resource Center?

We aprise ourselves of all the details, so we can make the most informed decision for our clients.