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Undergraduate Business School Application

The rise in the number of students applying as undergraduate business majors is unprecedented making it, currently, the most popular major in the US. Business majors possess a unique and advantageous skill set such as:

  • An understanding of how organizations operate

  • Strong communication skills (oral and written)

  • Analytical and critical thinking

  • Problem solving and logical reasoning

  • Decision making

  • An understanding of how to interpret and use financial data

  • Self-motivation, initiative and effective time management

  • Project and resource management

  • A close understanding of economic fluctuations and other external changes affecting business

As a result of the popularity of this academic path, competition for a spot in these coveted programs can be fierce, and many colleges and universities that have defined business schools require a supplementary application.  This application needs to reflect the proficiencies bulleted above through distinctive resumes, portfolios, artifacts and stellar application essays. Knowing the subtleties and nuances of this application process well, College and Prep cannot only help you navigate the moving parts with self-assurance and aplomb but also assist you in constructing a consummate application.